3 Tips To Alleviate Back and Neck Pain During The Holidays

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but if you suffer from neck and back pain, the days may not seem so merry and bright. Unexpected lack of mobility in your body caused by back pain can quickly derail that joyous feeling that we look forward to during the holidays.

What’s the primary cause of sudden neck and/or back pain during the holiday season? Stress.

Preparing for the influx of family visitors, searching for the best gifts all around town, hauling heavy shopping bags, carrying children around the airport or holiday events, lifting a heavy roast or side dishes during family meals and setting up eye-catching home decorations are all stressful parts of the holiday season.

Stress has the power to put strain on your back, neck and shoulders, and unless you’re already signed up for regular chiropractic care, you’re really going to feel those muscles start to get tense.

During times of stress, tight muscles that cause you pain and leave you in agony can cause you a lot of worries and distract from the fun that you should be having with friends and family.

You won’t be able to get rid of holiday stress completely, but you can take the right steps to manage your stress and reduce your pain levels. Here are some of our best tips to help you to do just that:

Plan Carefully and Start Early

If you have long distance car rides coming up, make sure to split up the driving. Take turns in the driver’s seat and make sure that you are well supported while you’re on the road. When you pull off the highway to stop for gas, take a few minutes to get out of the car and stretch your arms, back, neck and torso. Set an alarm on your phone as a reminder to check your posture, so you don’t spend a long car ride slumped over the wheel.

When it comes to buying gifts, a good plan is also useful. You have a whole year to prepare for the holiday season, but it’s a mistake to think that you have endless time. The year goes by too quickly, so it’s always best to plan your holiday season in advance.

Purchase gifts throughout the year, keep your schedule for shopping trips light and lean on others for help. Chronic pain and fatigue are not helped in stressful situations, so manage your time and reduce your pain.

The best tip that you need here is to get to the stores when they open up. This can stop the onset of panic attacks and reduce how tense you feel while you shop. You could also turn to online stores if you don’t have the time to get to the stores in person.

Don’t Do It All At Once

One gift at a time. One meal prep at a time. One room to decorate at a time. You need to think about how you want to plan your time so you won’t get overwhelmed. By taking smaller steps, you can feel accomplished and minimize your stress levels.

Get ahead of the game by working a visit to Holistic Vitality Center into your holiday schedule. Your future self will thank you! We are a team of dedicated professionals who specialize in providing a relaxed atmosphere conducive to improving your physical condition and wellness.

Rest and Reflect

This may be the most important tip of all; when you are busy and buzzing about to get ready for holiday gatherings and parties, do not forget to rest! After all the hard work of cooking, shopping, prepping and, our body needs to rest to repair itself, and you are doing a disservice to yourself if you don’t take the time to do that. It’s all about self-care!

Schedule time in your day to stretch, attend chiropractic care appointments at Holistic Vitality Center and don’t push yourself too hard. The holidays are all about family time, so invite family and friends to help out; make meal prep and holiday decorating a fun family task.

Be Good to Your Back

We want to help you enjoy this and every holiday season with as little back and neck pain as possible. Come to Holistic Vitality Center and meet with one of our chiropractic specialists today. You can easily schedule an appointment online, give us a call at (919) 848-3333 or come and visit our North Raleigh location.

Take time to enjoy your holiday season this year and don’t be afraid to ask for a break. Happy Holidays!

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