Nutrition Therapy

Do you have chronic pain, fatigue, headaches, or any other conditions that have not been treated successfully?

At Holistic Vitality Center, we view the body as whole, and determining your biochemical, energetic and physical statuses is vital. On the road to optimal health, your nutritional health is a key factor in achieving wellness.

Have you found it difficult to heal?

Nutritional Therapy is essential to natural healing. Holistic Vitality Center tailors individual nutrition programs to fit your needs and requirements. Typical goals can include weight loss, lowering lipids to improve heart health, reducing the effects of an oxidative lifestyle, or improving blood glucose levels to manage diabetes. The body’s systems can be affected by insufficient amounts of vitamins, minerals, and/or hormones. HVC utilizes laboratory testing, when applicable, to determine your nutrient and chemical status. Once nutrient needs are established, we employ thoroughly researched and high-quality nutraceutical products to replenish and reinvigorate you, and determine the appropriate dosage for you (each person is distinctively different biochemically, and requirements of nutrients may vary accordingly).

Nutrient Insufficiency

Many nutrients require different molecules for proper absorption. There must also be an appropriate environment in the stomach and small intestines for this absorption to take place. Our goal is to make sure the body functions properly to respond to nutritional therapy and supplementation. We also supplement nutrients, keeping in mind their synergistic relationship and the body’s reserve. It is important to have adequate reserves in order to withstand the pressure of daily life, sickness, disease, and the effects of environmental toxins.

Weight Loss Management

Healthy weight is important to both physical health and biochemical balance. As we work together in determining your weight management goals, we advise you on both physical and nutritional decisions, then partner in attaining those goals. Our programs are individualized to aid in the pursuit of your lifestyle. You may elect a separate nutritional consultation, including evaluation/examination, 24 hour diet recall, an evaluation of diet content, skinfold measurements, baseline weight measurements, and determination of laboratory testing needed for goal setting. Obtaining a record of previous successes and/or failures in weight management is critical, as well as conducting a physical exam to determine your current weight status, and developing personalized goal setting for your nutritional and exercise milestones.

Holistic Vitality Center will simultaneously treat any physical limitations inhibiting you from reaching your weight loss goals.

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