The Benefits of Pelvic Floor Therapy

As men and women grow older, different parts of our bodies tend to need extra attention. Like most parts of our bodies, your pelvic floor also needs exercise to regain or sustain muscle. Pelvic floor conditions can lead to pain, bowel and bladder problems, incontinence, or even affect your ability to have sex. Luckily there are exercises, such as Kegels, that a trained physical therapist can teach you in order to restore muscles in your pelvic floor. Our staff understands the need for patient’s privacy while working on your pelvic floor therapy. We work hard to ensure your comfort while teaching you new techniques to alleviate pelvic floor conditions without surgery.

You may be wondering what Kegels are. Pelvic floor exercise, or better known as Kegel exercise, is a proven method used to tighten the pelvic floor muscles. Men and women can find vast benefits from the education Holistic Vitality Center offers on Kegel exercise.

The benefits you can expect while working with our practice are innumerable as we focus on individualized care for each and every patient. At your first meeting with our Physical Therapist, we will go over your goals and possible treatment plan for helping with pelvic floor conditions. Through education and therapy, you’ll be on your way to feeling better about your overall health. Just like exercising regularly to remain healthy, regular pelvic floor therapy is important. A few specific benefits of pelvic floor therapy are:

  • Bladder and bowel issues, as well as incontinence, are two symptoms of a man or woman experiencing pelvic floor issues. With just a few sessions of Pelvic Floor Therapy, you will begin to learn about different types of exercises that work to strengthen your pelvic floor.
  • Aches and pains involving the back, hips, groin, abdomen, and sometimes limbs. Patients partaking in pelvic floor therapy can see a reduction in these musculoskeletal aches and pains with continued therapy.
  • The ability to have a fulfilling sex life with your partner is another great take away that many men and women have experienced through pelvic floor therapy. Painful sex or the inability to have pleasurable sex due to pelvic pain has been alleviated through therapy. Ongoing therapy sessions with a trained physical therapist can help.

If you are ready to schedule your consultation with Holistic Vitality Center, call us today at (919) 848-3333. We truly care about our patients and work with you to solve your health concerns. Holistic Vitality Center strives to meet our patients’ needs each and every day. We look forward to scheduling your pelvic floor therapy and having you as a valued patient at our practice.

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