The Holistic Vitality Center Principles

hvc_day2-137Holistic Vitality Center offers quality, professional healthcare services that promote and maximize good health. HVC is a solution-based practice with a preventative perspective. At Holistic Vitality Center we strive to balance our patients energetically, biochemically and physically allowing them to live a healthier life.

Live Free From Pain

Unfortunately, many people who have pain in their bodies suffer in silence after being told that they would have to a) live with, tolerate and manage their pain, b) take pain medications for the rest of their lives, or c) undergo invasive procedures which may or may not cure their pain.

Functional Medicine PictureFortunately, for those who have become a part of the HVC Family, their pain is gone, discomfort is alleviated, and mobility is restored. We’re not miracle workers, but do follow the trail of information our patients (people just like you) give to us. We then formulate a strategic plan of treatment unique to the individual condition, prescribe changes in lifestyle, incorporate nutritional adjustments, and apply this holistic approach over the course of time until healing is complete. It’s just that simple. And it works.

Life at its longest is too short, and you deserve to live the longest, most productive, fulfilling, vibrant, and enjoyable life possible. We’ve dedicated HVC, and our lives, to help make your quality of life full and complete. You deserve nothing less.

The Right To Optimal Care

hvc_day2-088Holistic Vitality Center is committed to getting to solving our patients’ physical problems. After painstaking research and development, HVC developed an eight page Health History Intake form, covering practically every part of the body, virtually every manifestation of pain, and addressing a wide variety of symptoms. An eight page form may sound like a lot, but at HVC, our duty is pinpointing causes of ill health, isolating problems, prescribing plans of treatment, initiating preventive medical maintenance, and reducing the development of critical medical conditions. This is our commitment. Let’s team up to get to the bottom of your condition, then put a game plan in place to solve the problem – for good.

You Are More Than A Statistic

At HVC, we believe that you deserve a course of treatment that focuses on you as a unique human being (which you are), not a cookie cutter, assembly line, one size fits all, standardized approach. You are not a medical pin cushion.

You are unique, and more than a medical records number.

aboutThe care you receive at HVC is conducted in the most comfortable, caring, thoughtful, individualized, professional, proficient, state-of-the-art and compassionate manner possible. It is our objective to restore you to an optimal quality of life, by administering chiropractic techniques, manipulation and adjustment of the musculoskeletal system – but chiropractic medicine is much more than manipulation or adjustment.

HVC provides:

  • Thorough step-by-step evaluation
  • Ongoing rehabilitation
  • Nutritional advisement
  • Specific, targeted and proven manipulation adjustment therapies

Your fingerprints are individualized because there is no one else on earth like you.
At HVC, we recognize, celebrate and honor your uniqueness, and commit ourselves to prescribing a tailor-made course of care focusing on health and wellness.

You Deserve Treatment That Works

Treatment is how we get to the source of neck, arm, shoulder and/or low back pain, numbness, tingling in the extremities, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle and/or nerve pain, sports injuries, swelling, muscle spasms, inflammation, joint pain, or most other common musculoskeletal conditions.

HVC provides solutions to each of these medical conditions, while traditional medicine offers pain management solutions which are a bit different. Orthopedic HVC-063medicine, for example, can involve invasive, medicinal, pharmaceutical and/or surgical means, in an effort to get to the source of your pain. Often, however, these results are inconclusive, involving extended recovery periods and requiring the use of prescription drugs (which can dull, but not locate nor eliminate, the source of pain). Often the pain returns, or worsens, requiring more surgeries, medications, and hospital stays. At HVC, we offer an enhanced way to restore your quality of life.

HVC Treatment entails examining all layers of your physical dysfunction, developing a comprehensive treatment plan consisting of tailor-made solutions and approaches unique to your condition, starting you down the road to pain alleviation, and restoring your quality of life.

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