Functional Medicine in Raleigh

… is a revolutionary new approach to healthcare that finds and fixes the real cause of why people are suffering in pain and dysfunction, and not living to their fullest potential.

… works with the body’s natural forces to correct imbalances in its key biological systems, which are at the root of all human disease. By establishing balance in these core systems, chronic disease can be prevented, slowed, stopped, and in many cases even reversed.

… is not conventional or alternative medicine.

… personalizes treatment based on a patient’s unique needs.

… transcends medical ideology and dogma.

… is finding ever-increasing acceptance and participation amongst the medical community, including but limited to medical and osteopathic doctors, chiropractic and naturopathic physicians, nurses, nutritionists, and other enlightened healthcare providers from all different corridors of medicine.

One out of every three Americans suffers from some type of chronic illness – Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Arthritis, Stroke, Alzheimer’s – and more are headed in that direction. The symptoms of poor memory and focus, bad digestion, chronic pain and fatigue, headaches, allergies, and more, are early warning signs of disease.

Conventional medicine is designed and excels in treating acute medical emergencies such as trauma and serious infections. But emergencies account for only 20% of healthcare concerns. While medications can be lifesaving, in the long run they can be ineffective, expensive, and often come with many dangerous side effects. We see this in TV and radio advertisements for prescription drug medications, where the prohibitions often outnumber the benefits.

The majority of health problems are known as “chronic” or “degenerative” diseases – these diseases don’t normally happen overnight, but accumulate over time, slowly dampening our overall quality of life. These chronic health problems are a direct result of improper nutrition, environment, and lifestyle interacting with our unique genetic makeup. Unfortunately, the only tools used in most medical practices today are medications. Most doctors receive little to no training in prevention, wellness education, or nutrition.

Many people go from specialist to specialist searching for answers to chronic health problems. They are usually given a diagnosis and a prescription for each symptom. For example, for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heartburn, and depression, patients receive a drug for each symptom–from the cardiologist, the gastroenterologist, and the psychiatrist. Typically, however, all these seemingly isolated symptoms are related, and stem from the same underlying imbalances in the key systems of the body.

All chronic symptoms we suffer from in modern society – depression, memory loss and focus, bad digestion, chronic pain, fatigue, headaches, allergies, arthritis, hormonal problems, obesity and more – can ALL be traced back to an imbalance in the seven key biological systems of the body:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Digestion
  3. Detoxification
  4. Hormones
  5. Immune / Inflammation
  6. Energy-Producing / Antioxidants
  7. Mind-Body Balance

Imbalance in any of these key systems leads to symptoms and chronic diseases we suffer from today. These symptoms are the early warning signs of impending disease. By balancing these systems, not only can we get rid of these nagging symptoms and feel fantastic – we can also prevent serious life-threatening diseases from developing later on in life.

Three Step Process for Achieving Balance

In order to restore balance to the Seven Key Biological Systems, doctors trained in Functional Medicine apply a simple yet powerful three step approach:

Identify which of the key systems are out of balance. This involves identifying specific underlying barriers to vibrant health. Clues are gathered from health questionnaires, medical history, a detailed physical examination, and advanced, state-of-the-art laboratory testing to uncover the major triggers and missing ingredients throwing off mind and body balance.

Remove the causes of imbalance. This second step involves getting rid of the bad stuff that’s creating the imbalances in your body’s key systems. Common triggers are:
  • Nutrient-poor, processed “food”
  • Food allergens
  • Infections
  • Stress
  • Toxins and heavy metals
 Add the necessary ingredients so the key systems can function optimally. The third step involves adding the stuff you are lacking that is keeping you from achieving optimal health. This may include:
  • Whole, unprocessed, nutrient–dense foods to stabilize your mood and energy
  • Targeted medical foods & nutritional supplements activating vibrant health genes
  • Movement and manual therapies to keep your mind clear and your body strong
  • Stress reduction techniques to lessen the burden on your brain and adrenal glands
  • Lifestyle tips to maintain your total health

When all of these steps are properly taken, your mind and body can then be restored to its natural state of excellent health and tremendous vitality.

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