Pelvic Floor Dysfunction: Symptoms & Treatment

Have you been suffering from Pelvic Floor Dysfunction to no avail? If you are looking for a non-invasive solution, Holistic Vitality Center can help. The pelvic floor is a group of muscles in your pelvic area that support organs in your pelvis such as the bladder, rectum, prostate, and uterus. Your bowel and bladder movements are controlled through contracting and relaxing the pelvic muscles.

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction is the inability to control pelvic floor muscles. Men and women who suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction contract these muscles instead of relaxing them. This leads to incomplete bowel movements, or the inability to have a bowel movement. Although a majority of the causes are unknown, complications of vaginal childbirth and traumatic injuries to the pelvic area are contributing factors to pelvic floor dysfunction. A few of the symptoms are:

  • Constipation or straining pain during bowel movements
  • Constant bowel movements within a short period of time
  • Painful urination or inability to completely empty bladder
  • Pain in lower back that is unexplained from other causes
  • Painful intercourse (women)
  • Pain in pelvic region, genitals, or rectum that persists.

If you are experiencing these symptoms of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, Holistic Vitality Center has treatment options. Through ongoing pelvic floor therapy and learning different exercises, men and women can correct pelvic floor dysfunction. The non-invasive, non-surgical exercises can be done in the comfort of your home. Are you ready to increase your muscle ability and alleviate pain or discomfort? It’s time to schedule a consultation with our knowledgeable and patient staff. At Holistic Vitality Center, we are passionate about helping our patients. After a few sessions of pelvic floor therapy, you’ll gain the education necessary to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

Another way our physical therapists help see results in over 75% of patients regain strength in the pelvic region is by BioFeedback. This is the most common of treatments and is non-painful and non-surgical.

In addition to exercises, relaxation techniques play a key role in improving pelvic floor muscles. These can be warm baths, yoga, or other techniques your physical therapist recommends. An ongoing regime of the above-mentioned can help you on your way to improving your quality of life.

Our friendly office staff is ready to help you schedule a consultation with our office. Call us today at (919) 848-3333 to find out more about our services. Holistic Vitality Center’s team can’t wait to speak to you!

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