First Visit to Holistic Vitality Center

Welcome! (click here for patient intake forms)

We are excited that you have chosen Holistic Vitality Center to partner with you in your journey toward optimum health, comfort, well-being and a maximized quality of life.

Your initial visit consists of completing Intake Forms, a Consultation and Examination. After completing the paperwork, I will discuss what brings you to HVC, your medical history, desired outcome and goals. Next, you will receive an examination, including orthopedic, neurologic and functional evaluations. From all of the accumulated data, I will generate a detailed report of the examination results, prepare a diagnosis, and discuss a proposed treatment plan. If further testing is necessary, I’ll let you know. On the next visit, we’ll discuss a report of our findings, and I’ll answer any of your questions prior to initiating treatment.

If you have insurance and provide the information prior to your first visit, coverage information will be available to you. Payment options will be discussed if you are not using insurance.


Should you require a nutritional evaluation, this will take place in a separate visit. You have the option to initiate care during your first visit or wait until the second visit.

I am deeply grateful for your decision in selecting Holistic Vitality Center, and do not take for granted the value of your trust, confidence, and belief in our ability to meet you at the point of your medical needs. I will do all within my ability to make your experience here at HVC as pleasant, comfortable and positive as humanly possible.

On behalf of Holistic Vitality Center family – welcome to the family.


Dicie Nathani, D.C., M.S.


Downloadable Patient Intake Forms for:

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We Accept All Major Insurance Companies Including