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Acupuncture, one of the oldest proven healing practices in the world, is an ancient medicinal practice that originated in China. The name comes from the Latin acus, or “needle”, and from pungere, or “prick,” and involves the insertion of superfine needles (with little or no discomfort) into specific points (meridians). Once inserted, the needles are expertly manipulated along meridians for healing effects.

Note: Often heat, pressure, and/or mild electrical current are also utilized in conjunction with acupuncture.

Top 10 Acupuncture Fast Facts

  1. Prevents and cures specific diseases and conditions with little or no pain.
  2. Stimulates the body’s ability to resist or overcome illnesses and conditions.
  3. Corrects hormonal and/or chemical imbalances.
  4. Prompts production of chemicals in the body to decrease or eliminate pain.
  5. Restores and maintains health by stimulating specific points on the body.
  6. Activates the release of pain-relieving endorphins.
  7. Triggers neurotransmitters, substances that conduct nerve impulses to the brain.
  8. Influences the autonomic nervous system.
  9. Promotes circulation within the body.
  10. Invigorates the electrical currents of the body.

Auricular Acupuncture

Raleigh Acupuncture CenterThere are instances where acupuncture is actually performed on the ear, which contains a network of important and therapeutic meridians. Auricular acupuncture is used worldwide to help people deal with issues like substance abuse, and has been shown in a variety of clinical settings to be beneficial in the process of detoxification, as well as to help with the emotional, physical and psychological attributes involved in addictions.

HVC specializes in acupuncture, acupressure, laser and electrical stimulation of the meridians, to reduce and alleviate pain, maximize the body’s natural healing and defense systems, and to improve the physical quality of life in patients.

Acupuncture Related FAQ’s

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a natural health science method used to
a) bring energy balance to the body,
b) reduce and alleviate pain, and
c) provide relief from various health deficiencies.

How did Acupuncture begin?

Approximately 2,500 years ago. An ancient form of medicine originating in China, Acupuncture is currently practiced around the world. We utilize many systems of acupuncture including traditional meridian therapy, auriculotherapy Chinese hand acupuncture, Korean hand acupuncture, and cerebral systems.

How does Acupuncture work?

Chinese theory says energy or qi (roughly pronounced “ chee “) flows in the body through meridians (energy pathways). Imbalances in the body’s flow of energy often result in signs and symptoms normally identified by your primary care physician. Through Acupuncture, very fine needles (not normally painful) are placed along particular meridians to stimulate energy flow. The body’s energy balance is then restored, and healing typically begins. In addition to traditional techniques, non-invasive Acupressure, Electro-Acupuncture, and low-intensity Lasers are used.

Is Acupuncture really effective?

Yes. The World Health Organization, after performing a comprehensive study of Acupuncture literature and research, stated, “The sheer weight of evidence demands that Acupuncture must be taken seriously as a clinical procedure of considerable value.”

What conditions has Acupuncture contributed to improving?

Acupuncture has been credited with helping numerous conditions (especially in conjunction with other natural health sciences), like muscle rehabilitation, massage therapy, chiropractic care, exercise, and nutritional therapies, acute and chronic pain, headaches, migraines, allergies, digestive problems, fibromyalgia, anxiety, low back pain, smoking cessation, and many others.

Does one type of Acupuncture work for everyone?

Not necessarily. We develop customized treatment by a) examining the patient’s complete health history, and b) performing a thorough examination. Many clients receive acupuncture combined with other therapies for the best results.

Does Acupuncture hurt?

No. Patients typically do not feel pain or distress. Holistic Vitality Center uses only the highest quality equipment, combined with the best professional techniques. If you have questions about acupuncture, our professional staff will provide the answers you need.

How long does an Acupuncture session take?

Sessions generally last 15 – 30 minutes, conducted in private suites for your comfort.

What should I wear when receiving Acupuncture treatment?

Be comfortable. Clothing should provide access to the area being treated. Gowns are provided when access to a particular area is required.

Is there any evidence that Acupuncture works?

Yes. Many studies reveal the effectiveness of Acupuncture in treating neck pain, low back pain, osteoarthritis of the knee, fibromyalgia, dental pain, and post operative nausea/vomiting. Research is being conducted to uncover even more benefits of Acupuncture.

Do you have to use needles to stimulate the Acupuncture points?

No. In addition to traditional acupuncture, we utilize acupressure, teishen (mechanical stimulation), electrical stimulation, and low-intensity lasers are used to stimulate the points along the meridians.

Why does the doctor use a needle on your leg for an eye complaint?

Acupuncture meridians travel throughout the body in pathways both close to the surface and deeper pathways. When applying therapy, it relates to the meridian pathway promoting the flow of energy, not the area of complaint.
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