Acupuncture Is Your Untried Solution to A Life Free of Stress and Depression!

Are you feeling:

  • Stressed beyond belief?
  • Depressed to the point of non-stop unhappiness?
  • Confused about your feelings?
  • Unable to figure out why you are feeling this way?

Stress and depression are very common problems. We all go through them to some degree, but there are moments when it all becomes too much. We no longer see joy in the activities that used to bring us pleasure, our work performance drops and the higher-ups are taking notice, and we just feel tired all of the time. However, our options seem very limited. Therapy can be very expensive for most people, even with a good health insurance plan. There are horror stories about anti-depressant drugs that have us staying as far away as possible. God forbid we tell any of our family or friends about our condition, because they might just tell us to ‘cheer up’ and ‘stop being so depressed’.

This is where the ancient Chinese medical practice of acupuncture can be of great assistance. The basic theory behind acupuncture is that there are certain points on our body called ‘meridians’ that are associated with certain organs. When energy (or ‘qi’) does not travel smoothly between these meridians, it gets congested and this results in energy imbalances that manifests in the form of the ailments that you are experiencing. Very fine needles are placed into these meridians to re-stimulate constant energy flow between all of the meridians and remove roadblocks. From that point on, the healing begins.

Acupuncture reduces stress and helps with depression by activating natural pain-killing hormones within your body, while releasing endorphins that contribute to the good feelings that you experience when you are happy. In turn, this calms you down from any stress you might be experiencing, while alleviating your feelings of melancholy and depression. In fact, a 2013 scientific study confirmed that acupuncture was as equally effective as counseling for treating depression, and 3 months later the benefits were still there1!

If you have not tried acupuncture for treating your stress and feelings of depression, it is worth your time to start as soon as possible. It will only take a few sessions before you start to see the benefits!

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