5 Leading Health Concerns for Men and How Acupuncture Can Help

Sometimes we’re all guilty of putting our health on the back burner. And when it comes to the opposite sex, men are slightly less willing than women to sprint off to the doctor or holistic health practitioner at the first sign of a health concern.

Medicine and treatments have come a long way – today we have incredible resources at our fingertips. However, some practices have standed the test of time – and yes, we’re talking about Acupuncture; a treatment that has existed for thousands of years, and widely trusted and used today. 

In fact, when it comes to Men’s health in particular, Acupuncture has proven to be extremely beneficial – even with the 5 leading health issues men face today.

Here are five major areas in which Acupuncture can be helpful in maintaining good health:

  1. Stabilizing Your Mood

We live in uncertain times. The rockiness of 2020 alone can lead to mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks and even suicidal thoughts and behavior in those who have pre-existing mental or physical health conditions. Untreated mental health disorders can get worse over time.

You don’t have to suffer in silence and hope they will go away: Acupuncture can help you relax.

  1. Cardiovascular Disease 

If not the leading threat, it is near the top – cardiovascular disease, along with heart disease and stroke, is a leading cause of death globally. It is important to take proactive steps for prevention, such as managing high blood pressure, not smoking, reducing stress levels and staying active. 

Acupuncture is helpful to all of the above steps – including aiding in the quitting of smoking. Research has shown that different acupuncture techniques help for different outcomes. Discussing each concern with your Acupuncturist is key to proper treatment.  

  1. Alleviating Digestive Distress

Men frequently complain of digestive issues; sometimes these are due to stress or are compounded by it.

For men who suffer from acid reflux, heartburn or irritable bowel syndrome, Acupuncture can aid by relieving any bodily stress that might lead to digestive disruption. Your holistic health practitioner can also help you choose the right foods for your body and provide nutrition therapy

  1. Lessen Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can have many causes, but all of them lead to poor sleep quality, irritability, trouble completing tasks of daily living and an increased risk for depression.

An Acupuncturist can perform a thorough evaluation to discover the root cause of your chronic pain and help you feel better again.

  1. Prostate Concerns 

As men age, it’s common to experience enlargement and inflammation in the prostate – in fact, it affects roughly 50% of men in their sixties and can head upward towards 90% when men get into their seventies and older. 

Acupuncture has proven to relieve related urinary symptoms, as well as help to prevent some of the more serious concerns from happening. 

Considering Acupuncture? 

Acupuncture can help with many common men’s health concerns. If you are facing a health problem that is not listed above, or if you simply want to explore how Acupuncture can help you live your life to the fullest, contact Holistic Vitality Center online, or call us directly at (919) 848-3333 to address your concerns today. 


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