7 Ways To Fight Off Colds and the Flu Naturally

As 2020 is nearing an end, we still find ourselves navigating the coronavirus pandemic in all aspects of our lives. This time of year, we also find ourselves in cold and flu season – both illnesses which can have similar symptoms to Covid-19. 

You wash your hands frequently, you keep a face mask with you, and you have mastered the art of social distancing. During this combined Covid-19 and influenza season, you may be wondering if there are ways you can keep yourself and your family healthy when hospitals may hit their capacities due to the burgeoning “twindemic”.

Feeling a little stressed? Don’t be. Our team put together our top Holistic ways to help keep your immune system as healthy as possible this season. 

  1. Try Acupuncture

Acupuncture, like other subspecialties of Chinese medicine, is thousands of years old. The practice is thought to regulate your immune system, bring your body back into balance and help you remain calm in times of stress. A relaxed, balanced body is in prime condition to ward off viruses.

  1. Seek Out Vitamin D

Fall and Winter weather calls for more time indoors and lack of Vitamin D from the sun. Take a high-quality vitamin D supplement to keep your bones strong, your mood regulated and your immune system ready to do its job.

  1. Consider Probiotics

These “good bacteria” are great for your digestive tract, which hosts a large portion of your immune system. You can consume yogurt every day or take a pill-based probiotic to get your fill of these helpful microorganisms.

  1. Consume Immune-Boosting Mushrooms

These are specific strains of shiitake and reishi mushrooms that have been proven to help the immune system defend the body against viruses, bacteria, and even certain types of cancer.

  1. Eat a Nutritional Diet

Make revisions to your diet if necessary. Cutting back on sugar, eating more fruits and vegetables and ensuring that your diet is balanced with the right amounts of proteins, carbs and fats never hurt anyone. If you have specific concerns or would like advice, we recommend visiting a holistic professional for Nutrition Therapy.

  1. Take Antiviral Herbs

You may have heard of ginseng, goldenseal or Echinacea helping someone battle a cold. Check with your doctor before taking these if you have any medical conditions, though, because they’re not right for everybody.

  1. Get a Full Night’s Sleep

Sleep hygiene is incredibly important for staying well! You may go to bed earlier, get more than your usual seven hours, or make small changes to your schedule to protect your sleep time. Trust us: Your boosted immune system will thank you.

Your Individual Needs 

While anyone can try these remedies, it’s best to have a professional guide you through a treatment that’s right for your individual body. Schedule an appointment with us at Holistic Vitality Center to learn more about natural treatments and how they can keep you well this year and into the next. Call our Holistic Experts at (919) 848-3333 today! 

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