A Holistic Holiday:2020's Guide to Self Care

As we approach the holidays this year, one thing we can all agree on, is that they are looking much different than years past. Like many people, you may feel more stressed and can’t help but to have some negative emotions. This is understandable. 

Practicing self care is more important than ever this year. Not quite sure where to start? Don’t stress – we’re here to help. Instead of letting the hustle and bustle of the holidays overwhelm you, focus on the positive with these top tips our team of holistic healthcare professionals put together, for holiday self care.   

1. Scheduled Downtime

While the realities of life often get in the way of proper rest and relaxation, they don’t have to keep you from doing the right thing for your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Set aside a time each week for self care. Find something that helps you feel recharged and ready to tackle life – whether it’s sitting by the fire and reading a great book, meditating or getting a stress relieving massage.

2. Get More Sleep

Work to gradually increase your resting hours, to feel the boost in energy and focus that consistently good sleep provides. Remember that most adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep each night to perform their best.

3. Eat Healthier

It’s hard to make healthy choices about what you eat and drink during the holidays, but the effort is definitely worthwhile. You’ll have better control over your weight, more energy and feel less irritable as a result. 

4. Practice Gratitude

There are blessings all around you if you take the time to look. Find a way to appreciate the wonderful things in your life every day. Journaling or using a gratitude jar are two popular methods to try. 

5. Give Back

Whether by donating time, money or other resources, do something to give back to others. It is one of the best ways to boost your outlook and satisfaction- and you’re helping others relieve stress they may be experiencing too! 

6. Go Outside

Spending just 20 minutes a day outside can improve your mood, boost your energy and enhance your body’s immune system. That is more important than ever around the holidays. Eat lunch outside on a bench, take a walk or try cold-weather gardening to gain the benefits of time spent in nature. 

7. Declutter

Piles of stuff lying around contribute to anxiety and reduce productivity. Take a day to clear it all out. Donate whatever you can and recycle the rest! 

Find the Care You Deserve

At Holistic Vitality Center, we work hard to help you stay healthy all year long. We can help you find the right treatments to address whatever health concerns you may be having.

Visit us online or call (919) 848-3333 to learn more about our services and how our holistic experts can help you feel your best throughout the holiday season! 

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