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FamilyOur philosophy of patient care at Holistic Vitality Center is actually quite simple. As the first point of contact, whether via email, Facebook, Twitter, the website, on the phone and/or in the office, my goal is to make our clients feel comfortable immediately, by demonstrating the kind of care and kindness that welcomes them into the HVC atmosphere of wellness, healing, and wholeness. We truly believe that healing is our mission, and comfort is our goal. How we demonstrate and live that out is my responsibility. I insure that our patients receive the kind of care and concern worthy of their decision to trust us with their healthcare at every point of their experience, from every member of the HVC Care Team.

Our approach to patient care is professionally personal. At our front desk, we establish a professional conversation that focuses on clients as people, not objects, statistics, or a medical records number. Personal conversation involves removing layers and barriers to communication, most important of which is listening. We utilize a balanced approach – professional enough to be accurate in obtaining the needed information, but personal enough to show that we are deeply concerned about their health and wellness from beginning to end.

When we establish this professionally personal relationship, our clients feel comfortable and at ease. Alleviating stress, tension, and anticipatory fears of the unknown prior to the consult allows Dr. Nathani to begin administering her awesome healing techniques free from all barriers. Chiropractic care often requires multiple visits, therefore making our clients comfortable and confident in our unique brand of medical care is not only a priority – it is a necessity.

As I talk with patients on the phone, I know they are looking for a reassuring combination of care, knowledge, compassion and confidence. Listening is a vital component in this process, as well as patiently answering questions and being their personal information resource for all concerns (whatever it takes to help, including research, recommendations, and/or referrals) is our baseline. First impressions are vital, because there is never a second chance.

I meticulously go through our welcoming and intake process, so that when clients meet with Dr. Nathani for their initial consultation, the experience is free from “the unknown.” From a drink of water to their overall comfort, we take nothing for granted. HVC strives to make the initial experience so personal, informative, warm and connective, until the partnership and relationship is established in the first encounter. We don’t take the health of our clients lightly, nor the fact that if we don’t go above and beyond, we may never see them again.

As Business Manager, I take full responsibility to insure that patients get the accurate, positive professionally personal impression that embodied at HVC. When they ask questions they can be assured that we listen, and do our level best to give them the answers they need in order to move to the important next step of improving their health, and each of their medical concerns. Our employees are trained in providing the professionally personal attention our clients both need and deserve.

Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation, preconceived notions and fears regarding holistic medicine, chiropractic care and acupuncture. One myth is “All chiropractors do is crack the back.” Misinformation is out there, so we incorporate education as a component part of our presentation. The body, just like an automobile, for example, needs ongoing maintenance in order for the body to function at maximum efficiency. Acupuncture, acupressure and electrical laser stimulation are all various types of medical treatment. HVC is different because patient education is not just a vital component of treatment process – it is the most important. The more our patients are educated and informed, the more empowered they are to make the best decisions regarding their health. Dr. Nathani and I are dedicated to ensuring that clients know their full scope of options in order to promote their making the best decisions possible concerning their quality of life from a health maintenance perspective.

HVC provides flexible approaches to billing and payment, including accepting most all medical insurances covering chiropractic care. We also offer tailored payment plans, carving out a unique treatment plan based on patients’ medical history and requirements so that we can present the best treatment option which fits their medical needs, financial base and budget.

One interesting note is we’re finding that we are worth the drive to many of our clients, who travel as distances 30 to 40 miles from our office, because they understand the value of our service to their healing, recovery, and alleviation of pain. Patient care is the priority at HVC. We don’t have a ‘cookie cutter’ approach, but provide an individualized plan of treatment based on unique patient requirements. We accumulate, then examine, the total medical profile, including prior diagnoses, medications, symptoms, all for the purpose of insuring that each patient receives individualized quality of care. When I talk to clients, I emphasize utilizing techniques designed to assure their comfort along each step of the intake and interview process.

Our name is Holistic Vitality Center. That name carries with it a great sense of responsibility, in that we have been given the privilege of helping people get rid of their pain and having their quality of life restored. To hear patients tell me that we’ve helped them, how what we’ve done has changed their lives, and how we play a vital role in their journey to wellness, is the fulfillment of our vision. At the end of the day, health is wealth. The satisfaction that we have is that we don’t just deal with just one area, but we offer a full–bodied approach to solving health concners, unlike most specialists who narrow their focus and approach to one specific area.

When a new client walks into the offices of HVC for the first time, we talk, listen, engage, and establish a rapport that enables us to become familiar and comfortable. Our unique professionally personal approach is vital to the overall process of getting to know the level of concern our patients have. I always ask “How was the treatment?” after the first visit. We then debrief afterward, make sure that we hit the bullseye and focus on the treatment plan for the next visit.

KidsFor Dr. Nathani and I HVC is more than a business. We’d been to so many doctors offices where the welcome and customer service were low on the priority totem pole. We strive to know each patient by name and their life experiences.

They know that we care when we establish that professional, yet personal relationship. When they feel good about the experience, it compels them to tell others. Helping people and healing patients is the passion of Dr. Nathani. She routinely takes work home, developing treatment plans late into the night – long after we’ve left the office and turn off the lights.

We provide online feedback mechanisms, and I personally ask for client feedback. This helps us grow, and make the experience even more valuable for our patients, and HVC as well.

Dr. Nathani has seen patients from one year old and up. Children experiencing emotional or interpersonal problems, causing stress or anxiety, are candidates for our service. We can address these concerns and provide the kind of treatment that will prevent more problems and issues from occurring later in their young lives.

We believe that the moment you have any physical pain, the longer you wait, for whatever reason, it snowballs into a bigger problem requiring greater consequences, both medical and financial. Often after waiting, problems translate into other problems.

As Business Manager at HVC, I hope you’ve read something on our website that resonates with your outlook on medical care, and as well, with your feelings about the quality of care you should expect and deserve.

At Holistic Vitality Center, your healing is our mission, and your comfort is our goal.

Thank you for viewing our website.


Sumeet Nathani
Holistic Vitality Center
Business Manager
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