Benefits of Chiropractic Services for Auto Injuries

If you have recently been in an auto accident and have begun experiencing neck or back pain, you could benefit from the help of a licensed and experienced Chiropractor.  Even a small fender bender can result in long lasting pain.  Some signs that you need to seek the help of an experienced Chiropractor in Raleigh:

  1. Neck pain and stiffness
  2. Worsening of pain with neck movement
  3. Loss of range of motion in the neck
  4. Headaches, most often starting at the base of the skull
  5. Tenderness or pain in shoulder, upper back or arms
  6. Tingling or numbness in the arms
  7. Fatigue
  8. Dizziness

Source: Mayo Clinic

We understand that in addition to the stress of being in an auto accident, you can develop pain quickly or months down the road.  If you are in need of relief, we utilize many different techniques and pain management methods.  Some methods and techniques Holistic Vitality Center utilizes for patients experiencing whiplash or other pain areas due to auto injuries are:

  1. Flexion-distraction technique: This hands-on technique is a gentle, non-thrusting type of spinal alignment to help treat herniated discs with or without arm pain. Your whiplash injury may have aggravated a bulging or herniated disc. We apply a slow pumping action on the disc instead of direct force to the spine.
  2. Instrument-assisted manipulation: The instrument-assisted technique is another non-thrusting technique chiropractors use often. Using a specialized hand-held instrument, the chiropractor applies force without thrusting into the spine. This type of manipulation is useful for older patients who have a degenerative joint syndrome.
  3. Specific spinal manipulation: The chiropractor identifies spinal joints that are restricted or show abnormal motion (called subluxations). Using this technique, he or she will help restore motion to the joint with a gentle thrusting technique. This gentle thrusting stretches soft tissue and stimulates the nervous system to restore normal motion to the spine.

Don’t suffer anymore – Let Holistic Vitality Center help you regain mobility again after an auto-injury and get rid of the pain.   We are staffed with friendly, knowledgeable, and licensed physical therapists and Chiropractors to help relieve your pain.  Call us today at (919) 848-3333 to book your appointment.

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