Kids Health: Preventing Tech Neck With Chiropractic Care for Children

Technology is a fantastic addition to our daily lives, and as we all know, everyone is turning towards technology to keep up with the happenings of the world. With mobile phones, we have more power and access to knowledge in the palm of our hands than we ever have before.

However, that access to knowledge comes with a catch… Our growing technological habits are rapidly being passed down to our children, and it’s having as much of a negative effect on their bodies as it is having a positive impact on their future. Times have changed, and today, many parents rely on the power of tablets and smartphones for information, entertainment, and simple viewing pleasure.

Screen time that kids get today can be wonderful for their skills, knowledge and intellectual development… but what about their physical development?

It’s not just that tablets and mobile devices keep kids indoors rather than playing outside… Or that technology is a harsh strain on the developing eyes of our little ones… Now, there is a condition known as ‘tech neck,’ and it’s becoming more and more apparent in the necks of growing children than in anyone else.

What Is Tech Neck?

Sitting down for longer than an hour at a time with their head hanging down over their tablets is going to strain the neck. It leads to the following:
●  Nerve pain
●  Arthritis
●  Muscle strains
●  Disc injury

The time spent looking down at a screen can, over time, impact the way that children develop. No one wants a hunched back and rounded shoulders, but staring down at a tablet develops just that.

There are a couple of simple ways to start preventing childhood tech neck:
●  Limit screen time
●  Break up screen time with fun stretches
●  Encourage daily exercise, inside or outside for at least 30 minutes
●  Engage in excellent chiropractic care


Children love their tablets when they have use of them. They help them to play, learn and discover. However, as the parent, you need to learn how to put boundaries and limits in place.

Too much technology can be addictive, and sometimes you need to take the tablets away while they get out into the fresh air and move. If it’s raining, search for a new dance video on YouTube, play it on the TV and host your own dance party in the lounge. Get them moving, get their heads up and looking at the world and you’ll be one step closer to preventing childhood tech neck.

See a Chiropractor

Chiropractors are not just available for adults. Your children are still growing, and their bones are still soft, which means that you need to ensure a solid foundation in their spinal health. Holistic Vitality Center has professional and experienced pediatric chiropractors on hand to make sure that your children don’t suffer from joint dysfunctions and restrictions. They can also show you stretches you can do with your kids to keep their bones moving well and without pain.

Children can absolutely navigate the world of technology in a healthy way, but teaching them to do so while they are young is important for setting them on the right path. Help them learn to keep their tech at eye level and stop handing their heads over their screens, and you’re going to take positive steps toward their spinal health.

If you want your children to enjoy the benefits of regular pediatric chiropractic care, then come to Holistic Vitality Center. You can easily schedule an appointment online, give us a call at (919) 848-3333 or come and visit our North Raleigh location. We offer a range of treatments that can help banish pain and change your life for the better.

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