Physical Therapy for Athletes

Athletes train hard and sometimes tend to push their bodies a little harder than they should. If you are an athlete and are beginning to feel the sting of over-training, or you recently suffered an injury and it is not healing the way you’d hoped, then physical therapy might be the key — not just to get you back out there, but also to keep you injury-free going forward.

Physical therapy is a way to strengthen the ligaments and joints around the muscles to keep them safe from strain and sprain injuries. Physical therapy is also imperative to the healing process and to increase muscle strength and blood flow to get you back out on the playing field.

The physical therapists at Holistic Vitality Center are trained professionals who can evaluate and diagnose a variety of injuries or potential weaknesses in the body. Physical therapy sessions will help you get back on track or improve your sports performance overall. And although physical therapists typically work with rehabilitation after an injury, their goal is to enhance your athletic abilities as a whole.

A physical therapist can help an athlete by:

  1. Strengthening common wear and tear injuries that aren’t healing appropriately
  2. Providing rehabilitation for acute injuries
  3. Communicating with coaches, physicians, and (if necessary) parents, to ensure that an athlete is prepared and well enough to return to their physical activities
  4. Providing nutritional advice and to suggest additional services like chiropractic care and massage therapy to keep the athlete in top physical shape
  5. Discussing preventative care through exercise therapy
  6. Devising a treatment and management plan to monitor an athlete who has repetitive injuries

Although most athletes wait until they are seriously injured to see a physical therapist, if you are having repetitive injuries or ones that are due to wear and tear, physical therapy is a great way to reduce the risk of injury and to enhance your overall athletic performance.

Our team of expert physical therapists have the expertise to evaluate the mechanics of your body and to find any weaknesses that might predispose you to injury or that might be stopping you from excelling the way that you want.

They can also give you the tips you need to gain a competitive edge. For help with evaluating, diagnosing, and devising a treatment plan to overcome an injury or to prevent one, stop into Holistic Vitality Center or call us at (919) 848-3333 for an free evaluation so that one of our physical therapy professionals can get you back on the playing field.

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