Physical Therapy for Neck Pain & Headaches

Neck pain and headaches are common afflictions in our modern world, especially among office workers and those who must look at computers all day.

Constantly looking at a fixed point in space can lead to “spinal overuse syndrome”, sometimes known as “text neck”, and LED screens are known to cause headaches in some individuals.

Regardless of the cause of your headaches and neck pain, Holistic Vitality Center can help with physical therapy and natural treatments. Read on to learn more about how we treat neck pain and headaches.

How We Treat Neck Pain And Headaches

Headaches and neck pain are often caused by musculoskeletal imbalances and can be resolved with non-invasive physical therapy. In fact, headaches and neck pain are often connected, and can be resolved with the same treatment. We offer a variety of different therapeutic solutions to treat neck pain and headaches:

● Ice and heat treatment to relax muscles
● Cervical traction
● Muscular energy techniques and muscular releases
● Neck, rib, shoulder blade, and mid-back mobilizations
● Neck stretching
● Neck and back strengthening
● Posture education and correction
● Spinal therapy and correction

Depending on the cause and extent of your pain, you may require different treatments. There is no “one-size-fits-all” treatment for neck pain and headaches. After you come into Holistic Vitality Center and you get a free consultation with one of our physical therapists, we will devise a customized treatment just for you.

Your treatment will consist of traditional chiropractic, massage, and physical therapy techniques, as well as other approaches, such as acupuncture. By taking a holistic approach to healing, we offer superior service and can ensure that you are rid of painful and annoying neck pain and headaches. Getting your life back to normal is a priority for the specialists at Holistic Vitality Center.

For more information or to receive a free consultation, call us today at (919) 848-3333 or schedule your appointment online!


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