Summer Lovin’: Holistic Tips To Stay Cool In The Heat

For most people, the warmer months represent their favorite time of year. Feeling that hot sun hit the skin is so nice, especially after a long cold winter. However, it’s important to stay conscious of your body, and know how to take care of it  – we’re talking about how to keep cool during even the hottest of heat waves. 

Knowing how to stay cool even when temperatures reach the triple digits can ensure your summer experience is a fun one. The good news is that staying cool does not always mean staying inside and blasting the air conditioner. Here are some natural ways to help you stay cool this summer.

1. Dress Accordingly

It’s important to dress for the weather. Cotton and other breathable fabrics help to keep your skin cool during the summer months. When appropriate, wearing fewer clothes is also a great way to beat the heat.

2. Go for a Swim

One appropriate situation for fewer items of clothing is swimming. Whether you go to the pool or take a trip to a lake, taking a dip can do wonders for the heat.

3. Hydrate

Water also does wonders for cooling down when it works from the inside out. Drink as much as possible. While cool water might be best, lukewarm water works just as well.

4. Try Cool Foods

You might love your morning coffee and oatmeal, but now might be a good time to switch to iced lattes and cold cereal. Cool foods can help keep the body temperature down. Other options include chilled fruits and even eating ice.

5. Use Portable Fans

Technology has made almost everything portable and fans are no exception. You can attach fans to the roof of your tent, the strap of your backpack or even your cell phone. Fans circulate air and can help to cool the skin.

6. Use the Breeze

If you don’t have a fan, Mother Nature might still provide one for you. The wind can become a mighty cooling agent. Open those windows up to make the absolute most of it – a cross breeze can do wonders to cool the home!

7. Get Minty

Have you ever noticed how nice and cool your mouth feels after using peppermint? Adding some of it to your body wash can make quite a bit of difference. Some people report similar results with rubbing alcohol, but be sure to moisturize.

8. Seek Shade

When outdoors for the summer, seek as much shade as possible. Supplementing the shade with awnings can also help lower the temperature by several degrees. Shading windows in your home or car can also make a big difference.

Looking For Holistic Ways To Treat Yourself During The Summer Heat? 

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