Alicia Bridges

My nutrition journey began with Dr. Nathani and Holistic Vitality Center in March 2013 when Dr Nathani sent me for testing and found that I was pre-diabetic with high triglycerides along with other current health conditions.  I was fatigued along with sore joints and swelling. I started exercising 2 months prior but had not seen any change in my health although I felt okay.  I was at the highest weight I had been since pregnancy and only lost about 6 pounds. In June we started my nutrition counseling; Dr Nathani recommend the Metabolic Detox Program for 18 days in hopes that we would find some food that was contributing to my health concerns and lack of weight loss. I lost 13 pounds around day 11 when I checked in with her. I was elated to say the least, I hadn’t lost any weight in years.  At the completion of the program we identified some food intolerances which I would eventually remove from my daily diet. In November I visited my internal doctor, he looked at me and said you lost weight, triglycerides were greatly improved, I was no longer pre-diabetic he said to continue with what I was doing.

Dr. Nathani has guided me every step of the way with supplements, recipes, sample workout plans, and even recommended the use of a heart rate monitor so that I get the maximum benefits from exercising.  I completed another detox in July 2014 which has helped me to lose an additional 8 pounds. I have had less sick days and pain due to these programs.  As of September I have lost 53 pounds without much effort only eating better and continued exercise. Dr. Nathani and Sumeet have been such an asset to my entire family. All of my family and extended family also use their recommended ChiroFlow pillows for better sleep. I don’t know where I would be without them. I can’t say THANK YOU enough.

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