Gayle Gray

April 8, 2011 I was involved in an automobile accident that knocked me for a loop. As a result, I was immediately off work for several days, but when I returned and attempted to resume my responsibilities, I encountered an increasing amount of pain. I underwent physical therapy, neurological testing, and various medicinal and pain management procedures without any prolonged relief. My insurance carrier only approved a certain sequence of pain treatments and then mandated the length of time between each treatment. I asked the pain specialist if I should try Chiropractic treatment while maintaining my pain management regiment and he approved. I explained I had grown up in an anti-Chiropractic environment and, even after the urging of friends, was reluctant to seek Chiropractic Care. I thank God he recommended Dr. Dicey Nathani. Dr. Nathani’s compassionate care dispelled any doubt or misapprehension. I so appreciated the holistic approach. Dr. Nathani always listened attentively and discussed with me each therapeutic approach. From massage, tens, exercise, adjustment, acupuncture, to nutrition; I always felt each treatment was designed specifically for me and my body’s requirements that day. Her treatment provided great relief without additional medication. I don’t believe I would have been able to continue working from January 2012 to September 2012 without Dr. Nathani’s exceptional efforts. In September, my pain became much worse and I finally had to consult an Orthopaedic Surgeon. After the first consultation, surgery appeared imminent. I was desperate for relief, but hesitant about surgery. You hear such horror stories. Since we were in the area that day, I asked my daughter if she might drive me to Dr. Nathani’s office. I had no appointment, but I just felt the need for reassurance. As I was explaining my presence to her office manager, Dr. Nathanie stepped out of her office and asked to see my MRIs. I explained my hesitancy about surgery and she instantly replied, “Before you commit to any Surgeon, you need to see this Doctor. I have worked with many of his patients and they can’t say enough wonderful things about him.” The name she wrote down on the back of her business card was Dr. William Lestini. I had already scheduled a second opinion with another surgeon but immediately contacted Dr. Lestini’s Office for an appointment, as well. While I had to wait until late October for my appointment, it was well worth the wait. Dr. Lestini performed my surgery on November 28th and I just cleared the nine month mark and am healing well. Talk about Divine Intervention! I am blessed to have had many such moments during my lifetime, but this one rates right up there near the top. Dr. Nathani and her entire staff at the Holistic Vitality Center create such an atmosphere of compassionate professionalism, you can’t help but feel a heightened healing. Every night as I count my blessings, I include Dr. Dicie Nathani, Sumeet, and their team of healing hands.

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