Kelly Newman

I’m so lucky to have found Holistic Vitality; it’s the only place that has truly given me a sense of normalcy again.  I’ve been diagnosed with a rare and basically unknown blood and an autoimmune disorder.  After many treatments, mediations, chemo, surgery and countless specialists from the Midwest to the Raleigh/Durham area, this is the one place where I actually felt like someone REALLY listened to me.  By the time I had walked into Holistic Vitality, I was mentally and physically depleted.  Dr. Nathani took me in immediately, the same day, and was very thorough, warm and compassionate.  At that point, all I was really looking for was to regain just a small piece of my energy back so I could feel a bit more like my old self with a main concern regarding the state of my health after everything my body was going through.

Dr. Nathani went above and beyond by providing a nutrition plan as well as some acupuncture for my energy and anxiety.  I had a handful of chiropractic sessions as well because of how tense my body had become which worked wonders.  Just as I had begun to accept my lack of energy and lagging health as the new normal, Dr. Nathani refused. In about a month I could already tell a difference.  Everything from the acupuncture to the lymphatic drainage massage (highly recommend!  Kelly is amazing!) was handled with care and concern.  The Holistic Vitality staff is wonderful and does everything they can to make you feel comfortable, (I actually feel a bit spoiled during each visit).

I’ve never felt rushed in an appointment, she always makes the time and ensures all of your questions are answered.  You’re treated like a human being.  Everything is done with a purpose; I didn’t feel like my time was wasted on something that might not work.  I never thought I could feel even close to my old self again, but each day is getting better and better and I’m feeling more balanced.  I’m not walking around foggy, dragging and feeling like I’m just going through the motions to get through the day.  Not only that, the obvious plus is that it was all accomplished without adding any additional, (and probably unnecessary) medications to my daily routine.  I’m not sure what I would have done had I not found Holistic Vitality.  No one has been able to do what Dr. Nathani has done for me and I am so grateful.  Highly, highly recommend!

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