Sarah Harris

I am so grateful I found Holistic Vitality Center. The entire staff is amazing and everyone cares so much for the patients. Dr. Nathani has helped me tremendously with multiple health problems I was dealing with before I started working with her on functional medicine. I feel so much better than when I started visiting the practice, and with her help I have changed my lifestyle for the better. She spends a significant more amount of time with you than any other doctor I’ve ever met with. She addresses the person as a whole and does not just treat specific symptoms which has frustrated me so much with other doctors. By taking a few supplements she’s prescribed and eating a specific diet I feel better than I have in years. I have way more energy, have lost weight, sleep great, and just feel better all around.I see Dr. Vann for chiropractic adjustments and she is wonderful too. The time they spend with each patient is more than I’ve ever had with any other chiropractor. They work with you on stretching, exercises, and massages which made such a difference for me. I cannot recommend this Center enough. If you want to feel great and get the best care around visit Holistic Vitality Center. My experience with them has exceed any expectations I had by far and I am so grateful I made my first appointment five months ago.

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