Tali Denton

My Story
… I’m a 50 something who believes all things happen for a reason, good and bad. My bad happened 21 years ago after an accident on my parent’s home elevator. After a right tibia plateau repair, the skill of a competent orthopedic doc, 7 months of PT visits and a supportive husband and family, I was blessed to be walking again yet…

Something wasn’t quite right.
… There were ongoing visits to various orthopedic, chiropractors and naturopathic docs. There was the extra weight I had packed on from the stress that goes with raising kids and caring for aging parents leading to loss of activity. Always the slight limp after exertion, what was this increasing ongoing nagging bilateral pain in my hips? I needed…

H E L P!
…The growing hip discomfort that came from limited walks with my husband led me to contact a favorite doc who had moved away. Thanks to FB, a desperate plea for a referral for a doc who could address my issues this speedy FB message came, “Go see Dr. Dicie Nathani. She can help you. I am sure of it.” I soon learned that I have found my doctor for life…

Dr. Dicie Nathani!
…She greeted me in the lobby with her engaging, warm smile, glowing with a natural assurance that showed she not only loves her job but that she could help me. I was prepared like so many times before to tell my long story. But wait, I didn’t need to recount it again? Why? Because she is so highly trained in functional body mechanics she was evaluating the way I carried my body and my gait from the moment we walked back to the therapy room. She discerned right away the core of my hip issues. The assessment on the table confirmed it. While the accident 21 years ago had some significance in my discomfort, it was the 2 C-sections and a weak core that were the real culprits. No professional had ever told me this before. I felt such relief wiping away tears around this affirming news.The extra weight I ‘ve been lugging around were a consideration in all this too. I was an unhealthy vegetarian and I needed nutritional advice, another welcome challenge for Dr. Nathani, also a certified nutritionist. Getting right to work she ordered a blood work panel and a consult later…

It Has Been Life Changing!
… after just 7 weeks now under the care of Dr. Nathani and the support of the Holistic Vitality family I feel renewed! Already 15 pounds down and counting I have more energy than ever before. Dr. Nathani prescribes natural supplementation and has a passion for bringing her patients to lasting wellness. Shei empowers me to work with her in feeling my best. She cares about the whole me; body, mind and spirit. There are hugs at the start and end of each appointment. Often while lying face down on the adjustment table warming up, she rests her head on a stool beside me and with her warm smile starts our visits. I feel lighter and genuinely supported after each of my adjustments, amazing professional massages, healing laser therapy and personalized nutritional consults. This is not a temporary fix. Dr. Nathani makes me feel we are on this journey together. She gets when I have setbacks; no judgements, no stress, just gift and caring for getting me to optimal health and wellbeing. She is changing my life as a 50 something and it feels liberating and wonderful! Thank you for this gift of health!

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