The Top 3 Goals of Physical Therapy Treatment

Physical therapy treatment can be defined as any kind of exercise, movement, or a combination thereof that is intended to treat a physical injury or restore bodily movement. Treatments that patients receive will be passive, and it is the first choice for many common ailments that include but are not limited to:

  • Arthritis
  • Tendinitis
  • Muscle strains
  • Post-surgery rehabilitation
  • Sports-induce sprains and strain

Although physical therapy treatment is used for multiple purposes in a diverse range of health-related industries, there are ultimately three primary goals that are being sought after with this form of treatment. These goals relate to the stages of physical therapy that individuals prescribe to depending on their current conditions and their ideal plans for the future.

Goal #1: Rehabilitation and Recovery

Regardless of the ailment that lead to physical therapy treatment being prescribed, people want to progressively improve to a neutral state that is free of any pain or movement restriction. Patients with this goal are diagnosed with an ailment, and provided with a comprehensive plan to facilitate healing while progressing towards a full physical recovery.

Goal #2: Optimal Function and Movement of the Human Body

People invest in this treatment in order to restore a level of physical movement that is conducive to their own interests. Anybody walking in with pain or severe restriction of movement will initially have the same goal of restoring their body function to normal. Beyond that point, however, the treatment is further customized to fit with one’s health goals. Some people will be content with normal levels of health, while others will want to take the treatment further towards improving their longevity in the participation of their favorite athletic activities.

Goal #3: Prevention of Injury

While this goal can apply towards the general population, it is far more common among athletes and individuals leading an active lifestyle. Treatment in this context can include approaches such as resistance training and dynamic stretching. By practicing movements in proper form, injuries are easily prevented and physical longevity is improved.

No matter the goal that needs to be achieved, physical therapy treatment is indeed effective in treating any of them. Thanks to the diverse range of techniques and methods available to practitioners, patients will be able to get to the level of physical health that they desire.

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