Ways Chiropractic Care Benefits Sports Performance

It’s something we’re all guilty of: putting off health related practices we know are good for us, whether for the sake of aversion, convenience or simply because there just isn’t enough time in the day.

Most everyone knows chiropractic care is a good idea for overall healthcare, but we may not always know why. The benefits of chiropractic treatments are particularly acute for athletes of all kinds and the advantages range from preventative to restorative.

Let’s dive into some of the major ways chiropractic care benefits sports performance.

Improves Range of Motion

A chiropractic adjustment consists of something called spinal manipulation treatment (SMT). This treatment helps ensure misalignments are not inhibiting an athlete’s movement, whatever their sport may be.

Whether swinging a bat, throwing a ball, skating, running or anything else – a proper range of motion ensures the best possible performance.

Reduces Pain

There are many ways an athlete can become injured during sport performance, but pain primarily arises from overuse.

Chiropractic care alleviates muscle and joint tension-created pain for athletes by offering relief, thus relaxing tensed up muscles around tissues.

Helps Prevent Injury

In addition to improving the aftermath of sports performance, chiropractic care can help minimize injury (and therefore, pain) in the first place by ensuring the body can properly achieve good form.

For example, if a runner is experiencing a misalignment causing them to fall on their foot incorrectly each time they take a step, they are more likely to face an injury. Chiropractic care helps ensure this won’t happen.

Improves Strength

Studies have shown chiropractic adjustments improve neurological integrity; this is a key factor in muscular strength. These studies basically help prove chiropractic care improves muscle ability to generate force.

Fixes Asymmetry Issues

There are a number of reasons a body can experience asymmetry. From imbalanced strength to height difference, asymmetry in the body can increase chances for injury, but can be remedied by chiropractic care.

Asymmetry causes one side of the body to overcompensate for the other; this can lead to a number of issues down the road.

A Natural Alternative

Genuinely gifted athletes recognize the importance of keeping their bodies functioning cleanly. Medications often come with a host of performance hindering side effects; chiropractic care offers relief without these negative considerations.

Investing in physical health is a truly invaluable practice everyone should consider, but is especially valuable for athletes in their performance and their profession overall.

There is, perhaps, no group of people more in tune with their own bodies than athletes. Those who are dedicated to their sport are likewise dedicated to their physical health.

For athletes interested in keeping their bodies functioning at peak performance, we are here to help. Call (919) 848-3333, or contact us to schedule an appointment.

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