What To Know About Nutritional Therapy

Like many other evidence-based forms of treatment, nutritional therapy combines individual medical care and support to help treat certain chronic conditions. Nutritional therapy can support your healing journey.  You will want to work with a nutritional therapist to set goals, reframe how you think about diet and nutrition, and integrate any requirements that will help manage your prognosis. Keep reading to find out how nutritional therapy can support your healing journey… 

Nutritional Therapy Is Holistic 

Nutrition is the bedrock of how your diet impacts every part of your life. Nutrition affects your body in more ways than just calories and fat content. From mental health to physical health to the quality of your skin and sleep, the way that you fuel your body shows up everywhere.

Making healthy choices while being healthy is also highly beneficial in retaining lifelong health benefits. Nutritional therapy isn’t just for managing chronic illnesses either. Reshaping how other people in your household or family members think about diet and nutrition can help support your journey to wellness. 

Nutritional Therapy Is Personal

Most everyone knows the food pyramid and some semblance of what you should be eating, but that diagram is only a guideline. Individual nutrition looks very different even between two people. Depending on diagnoses and restrictions, your food pyramid may need to be renegotiable for your best self. 

A nutritional therapist will work with your individual needs to help create a plan based on your personal information. Through conversations, family history, care plans, and any lab tests, a highly personalized approach to diet, nutrition, and disease prevention and control, will be created for you. 

Nutritional Therapy Is Manageable 

Creating a plan for you and just handing it off isn’t enough. Nutritional therapists know that you need support to successfully implement a program into your life, especially if you are also managing a chronic illness. However, nutritional therapy is not as rigidly structured as other prescribed therapies. The primary goal of nutritional therapy is autonomy. Therapists provide you with the information and education to make nutritionally sound decisions based on your treatment.

Your first therapy visit could last anywhere from one to two hours, depending on what kinds of tests you might have. After the initial consultation, you might have a few additional follow-ups to support implementation and progress; typically, you are in charge of scheduling these. Finally, you may only check in with your nutritional therapist once a year as a good health measure to determine if you are successfully implementing your health plan. Remember, you always have support if you need it. 

Allow Us To Help You With Your Health Journey

Nutrition is a life-long commitment to your health and overall well-being. Nutritional therapy is a beneficial way to help improve conditions now while learning how to make the best choices for your future. 

For more information on the comprehensive nutritional therapy services offered, contact The Holistic Vitality Center online or call our team of professionals at (919) 848-3333 to schedule an appointment today!

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