3 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

Your metabolism controls how your body processes calories and energy. Several factors contribute to how your metabolism works, including your gender, age, activity level, body composition, and diet. If you feel like your metabolism is sluggish, there are some tips to help you boost it and burn more calories.

The Power of Metabolism in Weight Loss

People trying to lose weight often aim to boost their metabolism. A faster metabolism could help you burn more calories and lose more weight over time. According to research, metabolism may start to significantly slow at age 63. Aside from age, here are some other reasons your metabolism may have slowed down:

  •   Loss of Muscle Mass – Having more lean muscle mass helps the body burn more calories. If you lose muscle mass, your metabolism may slow down.
  •   Stress – Metabolism may be slower during times in life when there is a lot of stress.
  •   Medications – Some medicines impact the way the body burns calories and can lead to a slower metabolism.

1. Start a Weight Training Exercise Routine

One effective method to increase the power of your metabolism is to add lean muscle mass to your body.  Starting a weight training exercise routine can help you increase the lean muscle mass in your body.

Aim to do a resistance workout at least three times a week when you first start out. You can use free weights, weight machines or bodyweight exercises to help improve your muscle mass. Over time, you may notice your body changing and getting more definition.

2. Add Green Tea to the Menu

Next, start drinking green tea to get a metabolism boost. Swap out your morning coffee for a cup of green tea to start the day. Green tea contains caffeine and EGCG, which could help with your metabolism and weight loss efforts. Green tea may also be a great energy booster for those sluggish days.

Besides being a metabolism booster, green tea is an antioxidant. Drinking a few cups of green tea each day may also help you lower your risk of diabetes and heart disease. Green tea has also been linked to positive effects on the digestive system and mental clarity.

3. Incorporate More Protein in Your Meals

The last key ingredient to help you increase your metabolism is protein. Consider adding protein to each meal. Strive for at least one gram of protein per pound of lean muscle mass in your body. Protein benefits your body by helping you feel fuller longer.

Protein is also a big factor in building more muscle. Feeding your muscles with lean proteins can help maintain your muscle mass and get the extra benefits of a higher metabolism. Look for lean proteins such as fish, chicken breast and eggs to get the most benefits.

Start Your Journey to Better Health

Better health is in your future, especially if you take the steps here to boost your metabolism. Holistic Vitality Center can join you in your journey to better health and act as your guide. Contact us today at (919) 848-3333 to learn more about our services and guidance.

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