5 Reasons Why Physical Therapy is Important for Better Health

It is often thought that Physical Therapy is used per doctors’ orders after an illness or major injury – however, these don’t have to be the only reasons to get this treatment. In fact, Physical Therapy is great for so much more!

Whether you deal with back pain, headaches or have issues related to diabetes, Physical Therapy can be quite helpful for those seeking a better quality of life with day-to-day activities. 

Never thought about doing Physical Therapy on a regular basis? No problem. Our team of experienced holistic health experts put together their top reasons why you should consider it and how the right program designed specific to your needs could help you now and in the long run. 

Here are five ways Physical Therapy plays an important role in improving health and well-being.

1. Pain Management

Chronic pain is one of the leading impediments to mobility. Strength training exercises can loosen muscles and help stimulate blood circulation to help you heal faster.

We can target muscle groups with specific treatment regimens to give you greater flexibility and to decrease pain over time.

2. Injury Prevention

Sport injuries are common and often present a long road to full recovery. Sometimes surgery is necessary and further complicates the healing time. Physical therapy helps reduce scar tissue and regain proper motion.

Here are some injury areas where recovery time is improved by therapeutic treatment:

  •         Fractured bones
  •         Ligament or tendon tears
  •         Joint replacements
  •         Spine damage

3. Mobility Improvement

Mobility is important to all the systems of the body. Exercises and stretching therapies can improve muscle coordination, stimulate cardiovascular functions, help with weight loss and lessen chronic pain.

Physical therapists will also evaluate the need for assistive devices to help you move and convalesce safely.

4. Stroke Recovery

A stroke frequently impairs a person’s ability to function as normal and limits independence. Physiotherapy will help you return to your activities of daily living. Based on the severity of the stroke, care will entail incremental targets that focus on improving your gait and balance.

An individual care plan is designed to address your physical deficits and ensure you regain mobility in a safe manner.

5. Health Goals

A physical therapy program should include a maintenance program for long-term benefits. At HVC, we offer a holistic approach to balance our patients physically, biochemically and energetically for the best restorative outcomes and healthful living.

We also assess nutritional needs, which are a vital part of getting well and staying well.

Holistic Treatment

The Holistic Vitality Center is a solution-based healthcare practice that views wellness as a synergistic relationship between the body and the mind. We are committed to helping our patients heal with innovative, strategic treatment plans and health services.

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