Prevent Joint Erosion with Chiropractic Care

Stiff joints in cold weather, achy knees when it rains; these ailments are routinely dismissed as being an unavoidable part of getting older. Those who have lived an active life or have spent years working a manual labor job often suffer the aches and pains that those activities bring. However, where do you draw the line and head to the doctor? Regular chiropractic care can be an excellent way to reduce joint pain, reduce swelling, restore function, prevent disability and improve overall joint health.

At Holistic Vitality Center, our goal for patients suffering from joint erosion is to meet your healthcare needs through individualized therapy planning while minimizing reliance on invasive therapies, such as surgery and/or pharmaceuticals.

What is Arthritis?

Although it’s common, arthritis is one of the most painful and misunderstood diseases across America. It’s the inflammation of joints that causes stiffness, pain and a lot of discomfort for the person suffering from it.

There are over 100 different types of arthritis, and they aren’t always the same in severity for each person, either. Joint erosion that happens over time will lead to two different types of arthritis:

Rheumatoid Arthritis: An inflammatory disorder in the joints that causes chronic and long-lasting pain. Rheumatoid arthritis is different from osteoarthritis, as this disorder comes with symmetrical swelling on both sides of the body at the same time.

Osteoarthritis: The erosion of the cartilage in the joints caused by a degenerative disorder. Osteoarthritis usually develops in the weight-bearing joints such as the knees and hips, and doctors often label it as “wear and tear.”

How Will Chiropractic Care Help?

Chiropractic care provides those who are suffering from arthritis with a non-invasive way of managing pain without the use of addictive prescriptive options. Over the counter medicines are always prescribed to patients suffering from joint erosion and pain, but with a qualified chiropractor, this can be avoided.

A chiropractic adjustment is one of the main ways that chiropractors offer to help. These adjustments can help misalignments in the spine and reduce the inflammation in the joints.

Here are some of the health benefits of Chiropractic Care:
●  Pain and discomfort that can be massively reduced with help
●  Improved flexibility
●  Better range of motion
●  The ability to live a more mobile life and an active lifestyle

When your body is properly aligned and your joints are managed correctly, there will be less pressure applied to your nerves and the motion between the spinal bones will be restored to its natural function — as long as regular treatment is applied.

During treatment at Holistic Vitality Center, your joints will slowly and steadily return back to optimal function, allowing for increased mobility, improved strength and relief from the pain that joint erosion causes.

Seeking Chiropractic Care For Your Joint Pain

We know that finding the right chiropractor is key to your health and wellness. As a new chiropractic patient, you will receive a $25 credit that can be applied towards any holistic healthcare service not covered by insurance including Acupuncture, Medical Massage, Laser Therapy, Decompression (Graston technique) and Cupping.

If you are suffering from joint pain and want more information about this offer schedule an appointment online or by giving us a call at (919) 848-3333.

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